How To Experience Personal Growth Using The Law Of Emergence

I discovered a really NEW and INTERESTING perspective on personal growth recently. I resonated with it so much that I had to share it. This concept is called The Law of Emergence, invented by spiritual visionary and best-selling author Derek Rydall. Confidence coach Dr. Aziz Gazipura interviewed Derek as part of The Art of Extraordinary Confidence Summit, a video series focused on improving your self-confidence.




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I believe that The Law of Emergence can give you a different approach to personal growth. It can help you remove any pressure you face from trying to be a “better” human being. Having recently started my blog and YouTube channel, I have felt some pressure recently to “improve myself” so that I have enough interesting content to share with you guys. I am currently releasing 2 blog posts and videos every week. Thus, I need to have engaging ideas for content at my disposal all the time. This can sometimes be a challenge since personal growth is a patient process. As a result, I have been stressed. I haven’t had as much time to just sit with my emotions and give myself a bit of self-care.




However, when I watched Derek’s interview, I experienced a bit of breakthrough in my mindset. My stress started to ease a bit. The main question I observed in response to having a need to “improve myself” is this:

“What if the self DIDN’T NEED to be improved?”

What if human beings already had the potential WITHIN THEM to be who they wanted to be? I learned that if you begin with the mindset that something is missing from your life, and then you try to do things to get better in those areas, you are actually just going to be stuck in a negative feedback loop. When you are operating out of a scarcity mentality, you don’t have the proper psychology to experience personal growth in the first place. This is where personal development differs from self-improvement. Personal development is working on the potential that you already have, and getting that to rise up within you. On the other hand, self-improvement is taking the self and trying to improve it, by achieving different things to make your life better. This is simply not possible according to The Law of Emergence.




In a nutshell, The Law of Emergence says the following:

You are born with your TRUE POTENTIAL already inside you, and it will only emerge once your environmental conditions are aligned with this potential

Derek Rydall shared a metaphor involving radio waves to help you understand how The Law of Emergence works:

Using this analogy, every human emits radio waves. What you want to achieve in your life is like your favorite radio station which plays music that you really like. The idea is that you want to tune the frequency of the radio waves that you emit so that the frequency of your radio waves matches the frequency of your favorite radio station. Only then, will your life align with who you really are, and your true potential will emerge. 

In addition, you see people every day roaming the earth, achieving different things and trying to improve their lives as separate entities. This is actually an illusion, as all these things are actually emerging from us, not things we are going out and getting.




It is important to emphasize the importance of “enoughness”. You really have to believe that you ARE enough if you want to live in a blissful happy state of being. Believing that you aren’t enough is the thing that is stopping you from living in a consistently happy state, and experiencing personal growth. As human beings, we are actually VERY abundant – we have unlimited power, joy, confidence and strength already inside of us…it is just waiting to come out.

Living out The Law of Emergence can give you a sense of inner confidence, instead of relying on domain-specific confidence. Domain-specific confidence is focused on competence in a certain area of your life, like public speaking or playing basketball. Competence is something that develops over time with consistent repetition. The problem with domain-specific confidence is that there are a lot of ups and downs. You will achieve and then you will fail. You will experience things that get you out of your confident mindset and knock you back down to the ground.

However, when you have an inner confidence that is shaped by believing that you are enough and that you have the potential inside you to be what you want to be, THAT is what gives you longstanding sustainable confidence. This is what will allow you to bring your vision to life, confidence that isn’t dependent on someone or something. A lot of people who have experienced adversity in their lives are able to do this because as they struggle through the pain, they develop this inner confidence. This is what helps them give back to the world through their vision. They believe in WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY’VE BECOME.




Another illusion out there that Derek talks about is that humans are like empty shells. We are born on earth with no substance to us. We have to work hard to get this and achieve that. But this is false. Tieing this into spirituality (and it depends on what you believe), we were put on earth to GIVE and to have something to offer. And if you believe that, then you also believe that we had something to offer, to begin with. You were brought to earth with something to offer, and nothing can change that fact.


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Furthermore, when you start to work out of this healthier mindset, you have a stronger ability to be resourceful. Your brain is operating in a better state and insecurities are not weighing you down. There’s a great quote out there by Albert Einstein, he says:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

In summary, your brain needs to operate with a healthy mindset, to BEGIN with, where you genuinely believe that you are enough. The idea is that your character determines your destiny in life, not your external conditions. Derek explains that your vision creates your habits which create your character which creates your destiny. The result is a sense of inner confidence and letting The Law of Emergence work through you.




I suggest taking a look at these concepts and trying to apply them to your own life. 

Please let me know in the COMMENTS SECTION below whether you TRULY feel that you are enough. This is the foundation for applying The Law of Emergence to your life and experiencing true personal growth!

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