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I want to share my life vision with you, and hopefully, inspire you to find your life purpose; what you were really meant to do on this earth; your calling. I believe that we all have a calling in our lives. Through the different circumstances and events that transpire in your life, you will end up doing what you were meant to do. In my opinion, life is a lot better when it is lived meaningfully. If you are patient and mindful of where your life is taking you, I am confident that you will naturally find your life purpose.




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Many people go through life in an orthodox way, letting society guide how they live their lives. There is a clear structure in society that the majority of middle-class people follow: go to school, get married, have kids, work a job, and retire.

On the other hand, in the 21st century, people are being fed the “do what you love, follow your passion” spiel. This causes people to frantically wonder, “what is my passion? what is my passion?” They end up obsessing over finding what they were meant to do in life as quickly as possible as if being 18 years old was a reason to rush. But this isn’t how the process works. It is something that comes naturally.

I want to share 2 important questions to ask when guiding yourself to your life purpose (in a patient and mindful way of course). To show you an example, I will share my current life purpose, and how I landed on it without forcing it. It is worth mentioning that I am only 21 years old, and there is no way to be positive that my current life purpose is permanent. This is something I will find out later down the road, once I start seeing the results and impact of what I’m doing. However, I have yet to find a better path in my life, and this one feels natural.




The first question you want to ask is:

“What have you struggled with in life?”

Think about your challenges. Think about what you have overcome. What have you gone through in your past that has really hit home with you?

As for myself, I was a kid that hit puberty at a late age. I was short, skinny, and I had a high-pitched voice while in elementary school. These traits made me a bit of a target. I also had things that others wanted: good grades, good work ethic, and the teachers seemed to like me a lot. Also, I was raised with traditional values and ethics. I was passive and I was taught to respect authority and be as caring towards others as I could possibly be. There are obviously a lot of positives to this, but because I was sensitive and caring, I didn’t understand why I was being made fun of, and I didn’t know how to defend myself. I wasn’t raised to be assertive and carry myself confidently.

Because of my caring and passionate nature, I didn’t take the bullying I faced in a good way. I became angry, defensive, and I took this out on a lot of people. This only fuelled the target that I already had on my back. The byproduct of this was my self esteem plummeting, and it is still something I struggle with to this day.




I have also battled a lot of mental health issues in my life. I was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I have also experienced some social anxiety throughout my past as well. Because of my OCD, I have a tendency to obsess about certain things, especially things I experience socially. One item, in particular, is a fear that my mind will go blank during conversations (imagine stage fright but in everyday social interactions!). This has had a lot of negative effects on my social life, particularly my experience with dating women.


purpose in life


So where did all this lead me?

Well…I realized that confidence and self esteem issues have been a large part of my past. They carried a lot of meaning in my life. Whatever I learn about and overcome in these areas, I feel it is my duty to share this with others who are experiencing the same thing!




The second question you want to ask is:

“If I could help others, what value would I be able to offer them?”

You want to be able to question what holds meaning for you. For example, I envision being able to live an EXTRAORDINARY life, one that is better than your typical average life (in my perspective). I want to be able to do that DESPITE all my past and current fears and insecurities. One great thing about finding what is meaningful to you is that it will become your source of motivation. You won’t have to rely on willpower. You will have something that drives you to get up every morning to start the day off right and start impacting other people.

Also, consider what you enjoy in life, and what value you can see yourself offering other people. Personally, I enjoy public speaking. It is something I’ve just started to get back into after having success with it in the past. I also enjoy writing. I am a very creative person, and I enjoy being able to put together these blog posts for you. That is why I chose the content production route of building a business. I enjoy creating content. As an example, maybe you are interested in brain biology and neuroscience so maybe your life purpose would be to become a neurosurgeon. Maybe you have been negatively affected by mental illness and now you are driven to use your interests to help others in that area.

The key here is to find something where you can service other people in a way that matters to you.




Furthermore, you want to make sure that you are not forcing yourself to find a life purpose; it is supposed to happen naturally. The evolution of my life purpose began when I went to engineering school. Originally, I was very interested in meteorology (the science of weather) so I wanted to study atmospheric science. However, I was still quite unsure, so I chose engineering because it gave me a stronger foundation if I want to go into other graduate-level programs after my degree.

In engineering, I was exposed a lot to innovation, specifically developing technology. This is when I first learned about starting your own business. I learned about having a business venture where you pitch to investors in hopes of gaining startup capital for your business. I had a venture of my own a couple years ago and it never really took off. Also, I realized that I did not have an interest or skill set for creating technology. Creating a product right away seemed too high risk for my liking as well.

This led me to go online. I wanted to help people in an area I was passionate about, which is helping people overcome their insecurities and improve their self esteem; helping them achieve success and be happy in life no matter what burdens they have faced. This is what ultimately led me to start an online business catered to my passion.




I believe that I was challenged earlier in life for a reason. My belief isn’t that it happened by coincidence and that I am sentenced to a life that sucks. I take on the perspective that I faced these challenges because I was meant to overcome them. I was meant to help others overcome theirs as well. 

If you take these 2 questions and reflect on who you are right now, you will get a better idea of what your life purpose is. 




What I want YOU to do is go to the COMMENTS SECTION below and answer these two questions:

1. What’s one area you have struggled with in your life?

2. If you could help others in that area, what value would you offer to them?


These questions will help you generate your current life plan. You will see how you can best offer your assets and gifts to others. 

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