Goal Setting – My January 2017 Monthly Goals Report

Since the Fearless Progression blog is quite new, I never had the opportunity to make a post in January about my goals for 2017. However, I plan to keep my readers updated every month on the progress I am making with the goals I set so that I can remain accountable for them, and also hopefully inspire you guys to come up with empowering goals of your own! Goal setting is a must for those who want to see consistent changes in their life.

I organized my goals into 7 categories based on Project Life Mastery’s Life Mastery Pyramid, originally adapted from Tony RobbinsPhysical Body: Health & Fitness, Emotions & Meaning, Social & Relationships, Time and Productivity, Career & Mission, Finances, and Spirituality. I will also say that I decided to leave out a couple of my goals because they are more personal to me. Let’s jump right into my goal setting…




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1. I will easily consume a green supplement (wheatgrass, green juice, etc.) every morning while I am not traveling

Status: Have been consistent with it

Every morning, I drink a large glass of water mixed with wheatgrass powder. It is alkalizing and helps energize me during my long days at work, as well as start my day off right on weekends when I want to be productive with my online business. I used to be a large coffee drinker and I relied on caffeine to get me through my mornings, but switching to wheatgrass has given me more long-term sustainable energy.


2. I will easily do 20 mins. of intentional exercise 6 days a week (either in morning ritual or later in the day)

Status: Have been consistent with it 7 days a week


how to set goals


I have actually overachieved on my fitness goal setting, exercising 7 days instead of 6, while also doing a lot of other physical activity on the side (including long walks commuting to and from work, walking around the mall, etc.). I exercise for 20 mins. every morning on an elliptical machine as part of my morning ritual, which has given me the aerobic exercise I need to feel energized in the morning.


3. I will easily implement a morning ritual using Morning Ritual Mastery by Jan 9, 2017, and do it at least 5 days per week while I am at home 

Status: A few days late, but have been consistent with it 7 days a week

I was a few days late with implementing my morning ritual as I had to put off the Morning Ritual Mastery program a bit due to other responsibilities. However, I am currently doing the 30 day morning ritual challenge, which is ending this week, and I have been committed to doing my morning ritual 30 days in a row. So far, it has been an interesting experience. Originally I thought that waking up at 5 would wear me out, but surprisingly, it has started to feel like a normal habit.


4. I will easily eat at 5 new Vegan restaurants

Status: 1/5 complete 

As I commit to improving my health, I have started to explore Veganism a bit (although I am not currently Vegan) as I learn about ways to consume more raw and energizing foods. In January, I ate at Planta, an excellent Vegan restaurant in Toronto that I would highly recommend to anyone.


5. I will easily eat a healthy snack every day before bed while at home

Status: Have been consistent with it (although not perfect)

I try to eat a healthy snack every day before bed. I believe that it can help you sleep and also give you the energy to start the next day. Some of the snacks I eat include dates, yogurt, bananas, trail mix (goji berry mix or soybean mix), and granola bars. I have missed the odd day here and there but consistency is what is important to me.


6. I will easily read 1 book on raw food energy

Status: Not read yet

I plan to read 1 book later this year on the energy benefits of raw foods, as I learn more about how to eat healthier. Stefan Pylarinos from Project Life Mastery recommended Eating for Energy by Yuri Elkaim so that is likely the one I will read.


7. I will easily join a softball/baseball league in the summer

Status: Not yet joined

To help me get exercise and simply enjoy the awesome sport of baseball, I plan to join a softball or baseball league this summer. Me and my friend actually just discussed joining his softball league a couple of weeks ago, and my workplace also has a softball league. I do miss the competitive side of baseball (as opposed to softball) and the years I spent playing it, but either sport will do. 




1. I will easily reserve at least 5 mins. to practice gratitude at least 5 days a week while at home

Status: Have been consistent with it 7 days a week

As part of my evening ritual, I pray to God, and in that prayer, I include gratitude statements. I give thanks for things that went well over the past day and also for less noticeable things such as oxygen or cars to help people get places fast. The purpose is to help me become more humble and appreciate life no matter what the circumstances are. I have been able to overachieve my goal setting of 5 days so far and do it 7 days a week.


2. I will easily unfollow everyone on my Facebook newsfeed by Jan. 5, 2017 and maintain it for the rest of the year

Status: Achieved, just need to maintain it

To help reduce the time I spend in a reactive state and increase my productivity, I decided to unfollow everyone on my Facebook news feed. You have to do this individually for every person you are friends with, so I could not unfollow everyone at once. However, whenever I see someone come up on my news feed, I unfollow them at that point. I only use Facebook now for the Groups and Chats that I am in and running the Fearless Progression Facebook page.


3. I will easily only use Twitter for business purposes (exception: when I am redirected to a tweet from another source)

Status: Have been consistent with it

I also stopped going on my personal Twitter account for the same purposes as Facebook. I only go on my Fearless Progression Twitter account, @fearlessprog.




1. I will easily reconnect with my good friend from elementary school and meet up at least once

Status: Have not done yet, but did run into him

Like many friends do, I and my good friend from elementary school drifted apart due to our life situations. However, we attend the same school campus which makes it practical to reconnect and try and rekindle the friendship. I actually ran into him at a formal the other week as he was playing in the band, and although we had a chance to catch up, I don’t count this towards my goal setting and still intend to reach out in the coming months.


2. I will easily go on 5 dates that do not come from online dating

Status: Have not started

Since I have been out of the dating scene lately and want to work on my social anxieties as well, I have made it a goal to go on more dates. In the past, I have not had success with online dating and would like to get more experience meeting women in real life, as it is more natural and less forced. This goal is in progress.


3. I will easily go on a baseball trip with my two good friends

Status: Currently being discussed


setting goals


I am a HUGE baseball fan and so are my two friends. Every year since 2013, we have gone on a trip to see baseball games in other MLB (Major League Baseball) ballparks (I have now visited 14/30 active ballparks). We have started mildly brainstorming this year’s trip. More details to come on where we will be going.


4. I will easily attend every fraternity party and brotherhood event that I am capable of going to (no conflicts with higher priority items – includes important studies, business deadlines, late night on a work night)

Status: Have been consistent with it (although not perfect)

I am a member of a fraternity at my school campus, and I think it can be a great place to have strong male influences in your life. However, I am an inactive member this year, so I have not been going to house events that often. To develop a stronger connection with the guys, I have made it a part of my goal setting to go to more events (whenever there is one), and so far, I have been going often. I have missed a couple events but with my other responsibilities/equally important social activities, I have allowed myself to not be perfect.


5. I will easily find a person that I can go out and practice talking to people (including girls) with at least 2 days a week

Status: Found someone, have to continue going out with them and increase from 1 day a week

To work on my social anxieties and fear of rejection, I have started talking to strangers. To help hold myself accountable and scale my growth faster, I have searched for someone to do it with. This past Friday, I tried this with a guy I met and it went very well, so hopefully this partnership will continue. We plan to do this once a week for now but plan on increasing to 2 days a week in the coming months.


6. I will easily develop 1 new close friendship (hanging out at least once every month voluntarily)

Status: Have newer friendships that could become close 

I have become focused on connecting more with people as I have found that a lot of my past friendships have been more surface level. Through practicing my social skills, I intend to become close to 1 new person, and right now, I have a few newer friendships that have the potential to grow closer. This goal is in progress.


7. I will easily develop a strong connection with at least 1 guy from the fraternity (have a conversation at least 5 minutes long 75% of the time I see them)

Status: Have been going to the house more often and making progress

My goal setting for goal #7 goes hand in hand with goals #4 and #6. I hope to grow closer to the guys at the fraternity house and make a new strong connection with at least one of the guys. This is something I am currently working on.


8. I will easily get a 2nd date from at least 1 girl

Status: Have not achieved 

This goal builds off goal #2. From the dates I do go on, I want to improve the first impression I make, which includes having stronger social skills. This will allow me to have more success on first dates and lead towards a 2nd.


9. I will easily join Toastmasters

Status: Achieved

My membership confirmation was sent off in January and I am now a member of Toastmasters which is a public speaking club. I used to enjoy public speaking and be decently good at it, but I stopped for a while and now it has become a fear of mine that I want to overcome. I am currently working towards my first speech and I am excited about my progress.


10. I will easily join an Improv class

Status: Have a class in mind but have not joined yet

This will also help me to overcome my fear of public speaking and social anxieties, and it has been awhile since I have done anything acting related (since Grade 6 of elementary school). I have a class in mind that costs some money, so I will set it aside for now and return to it in the coming months. I am already doing Toastmasters and don’t want to overload my time right now.


11. I will easily host a backyard get together in the summer (at least 10 people) – parents approval permitting

Status: Not yet planned

I have wanted to do this in the past (ever since an outdoor party I threw in high school completely fell flat), and this year I intend to try. I live with my parents so this is ultimately contingent on their approval, but I do want to experience hosting an event and bringing some awesome people together.


12. I will easily practice talking to strangers on my way home from work 5 days a week until Sept. 2017

Status: Have done this moderately, could be more consistent

As mentioned in goal #5, I want to practice talking to strangers. September is when I return to school so my schedule will change. Until then, I want to practice every workday during my commute. I have gotten a bit lazy with this one, as I am often looking for a bit of time to rewind after work. But I will make an effort to be more consistent.


13. I will easily practice talking to strangers downtown at least 4 days a week starting in Sept. 2017

Status: Will start in September

When I return to school in September, my schedule will change and I will have different opportunities to talk to strangers. I will think about this goal more when the time comes.




1. I will easily read 12 books (the ones I got for Christmas in 2016 are mandatory)

Status: 1/12 complete (well…kind of)

I got two books for Christmas: The Social Skills Guidebook by Chris Macleod and How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie. I intend to read both this year and I am currently almost done the former. The reason I say that I have completed 1 book is that there was another book that I finished a week after the start of January. Thus, I may end up counting it towards my 12 books if I finish the year with 11 books read. But if I have only read 10, then no excuses!


2. I will easily shorten the time span between breaks to 1 hour during 6 days a week that I am studying or working on my business

Status: Have not tracked this but productivity has been good


smart goals


I have not tracked the metrics behind this, but I have done well at organizing my days for maximum productivity. When I come home from work, I try to get things done even before dinner. This includes watching a video from the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program (an online business course I am working through) or reading a bit. I will look into tracking the actual time of my breaks more accurately.


3. I will easily lengthen the time I am under the cold shower in the morning to 5 mins. for a full week by Dec 31, 2017

Status: Currently at 35 seconds every day

As part of my morning ritual, I finish my morning shower by running cold water (which has been a very slow and uncomfortable transition as you can imagine). This helps stimulate my nervous system which wakes me up. I started doing this for 30 seconds each day and have slowly increased it to 35 seconds (progress!). I will continue working towards the 5-minute mark.




1. I will easily create an Affiliate Marketing Mastery mastermind group for Toronto members and have our first meeting for it

Status: Have yet to organize

As I make progress on my online business, I want to be around people that also have the Growth Mindset. This will help me move along with my business goal setting and make great friendships in the process. Right now, I am still going through the program so it is a bit early but I intend to get all Toronto area members of the course together to work on our business goals. As Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.


2. I will easily receive a mark of 75 or above in all Fall semester courses

Status: School year has not started yet

As always, my academics are important to my goal setting, and when school starts in September, I would like to get a mark of 75 or above in all my courses. This would be sufficient given the other life goals I plan to be working on at the same time.


3. I will easily enroll only in courses that interest me

Status: Course enrollment has not started yet

Since it will be the final year of my program at school, I will have more freedom to take courses that I want to take. I would like to find courses that are related to self-development. Psychology courses would peak my interest, as well as courses on spirituality (mindfulness, etc.). A course on entrepreneurship would also offer me value and support my goal setting.


4. I will easily partake in 5 philanthropy opportunities

Status: 0/5 complete

Philanthropy (volunteering) isn’t something I focused on in the past but I want to start giving back more. In December, I volunteered to do 50/50 ticket sales at a Leafs game and at a gift-wrapping warehouse and had a lot of fun with it. I will keep my eyes open for new opportunities.


5. I will easily complete and apply fully Modules 1-5 of Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Feb 1, 2017

Status: Modules 1-4 completed

Due to higher priority goals, I have slightly underachieved with my business goal setting. I was able to complete the first four modules of the program but not the fifth. However, I am happy that I did not rush getting my website and social media profiles set up and I am ready to continue moving forward.


6. I will easily complete and apply fully ALL of Affiliate Marketing Mastery within exactly 3 months of earning my first dollar online

Status: Modules 1-4 completed, the rest depends on when I earn my first dollar

Since Fearless Progression is in its early stages, I have yet to monetize my business. I plan to when I meet my goal setting for attracting blog traffic, and my completion of the course will depend on when this happens.


7. I will easily be getting 100 unique visitors to my blog by Mar 1, 2017

Status: Just started my blog, metrics to come

I just started my blog so I don’t have any metrics yet. However, I will be learning marketing strategies for my business that will help my visitors increase. More updates to come.


8. I will easily have my blog and social media accounts set up fully and ready for content production by Jan 15, 2017

Status: Achieved, but a week or so late

I was also a bit late here with my goal setting, but the important thing is that everything is now operational, and I am producing content.


9. I will easily be getting 1000 unique visitors/day to my blog by May 1, 2017

Status: Just started my blog, metrics to come

Again, I must hit 100 unique visitors/day before I consider 1000. My goal setting has made this challenging, and I don’t have any metrics yet to show. More updates to come.


10. I will easily have 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel by Apr 1, 2017

Status: 0 subscribers right now, only have 1 video out

My YouTube channel is also very new and I do not have enough content out yet to attract visitors. This number should improve with time.


11. I will easily spend at least 1 hour/day on weekdays and 3 hours/day on weekends before the school year and 1 hour/day 3 times a week during the school year on my online business

Status: Have been consistent with it (but not perfect)

Right now, I am spending about 3 hours/day on weekends working on my business since I am at home and have consistent free time. On weekdays, I aim for 1 hour/day, and even if I don’t hit that mark, I am still doing something related to my business every day (ex. posting on Instagram) to support my goal setting.




1. I will easily earn my first dollar online by Apr 1, 2017

Status: Have not monetized my business yet

This will also depend on how quickly I attract an audience to my blog and social media but I intend to start monetizing my business as soon as possible.


2. I will easily be earning $500/month passive income by Sept 1, 2017

Status: Have not monetized my business yet

In September, I will return to school and ideally, I don’t want to get a part time job. I recently quit a minimum wage job and instead of forcing myself through that again, I would like to put in the hard work and self-love to make my own income, which are important parts of my goal setting in general.




1. I will easily meditate before bed and as part of my morning ritual at least 5 days/week while at home

Status: Have been consistent with it in the morning 7 days/week


long term goals



Previously, I meditated before bed. However, I have stopped due to the small amount of time I have on weekday evenings to get things done. However, I do my mindful self-compassion meditation every morning, which gives me the regular practice that I need. I do it 7 days instead of 5 so we will call this an overachievement!


2. I will easily attend church at least once per month

Status: Have been consistent with it

Being Christian, going to church is an important part of my spirituality. I intend to go more often this year. I went a couple of times in January so I am on track with my religious goal setting so far.


Phew! As you can see, I just shared 41 goals with you, which is a lot. I have never done yearly goal setting before so it is a bit daunting. It will definitely be challenging, and I may not be perfect. However, I am setting myself up for a very strong year of self-development. I hope that I have inspired you to do so as well! Another monthly goals report will come when February is over.

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