My Top 5 Core Values In Life – What Are Yours?

I want to talk about core values, and what really matters to you in life. What you value in life is a representation of who you truly are. I believe that in order to experience high self-esteem and inner confidence, it is important to live in accordance with your core values.




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I listened to an interview that Jacob Sokol did with confidence expert Dr. Aziz Gazipura, which was a part of The Art of Extraordinary Confidence video series. Jacob owns a website called, where he helps people live their life with purpose. Jacob explains how you can live and grow more effectively as a person when your life is aligned with your core values. There is something known as the “Integrity Gap”, which is the gap between where you currently are in your life, and what matters most to you. The idea is to shrink this gap so that you are doing what matters most. And that doesn’t mean doing what society thinks is the best for you, or what your parents think is best. It means doing what YOU genuinely feel matters the most.




In this post, I am going to share MY top 5 core values in life, and what is really important in my own life. You will get to know who I am as a person as well. To determine my core values, I did an exercise set up by Introverted Alpha for men that want to improve their dating lives. Introverted Alpha is a brand that helps introverted men attract women by aligning with their values and being able to share them effectively. When you sign up for their email list, they send you a free exercise that shows you how to determine your core values. This will help you showcase them better in your dating life, social life, business life, and essentially any area that matters to you.

This is why you always hear the advice “be yourself”. If you are trying to meet people who you get along with or have chemistry with, you want them to know the real you. By that, I mean what matters to you, your ultimate life purpose and what you value. This is what helps people form a connection. It really doesn’t matter what other people are having success with if that isn’t who you really are. Here are my top 5 core values:






I really value being able to connect with others. This includes friends, family, and members of the opposite sex. I truly believe that fulfillment in life can come as a result of connection. I think that the bond you share with others through the memories and experiences with them is really rewarding. The value exchange that happens with you give to others, and when they do kind things back really warms the heart, and awakens your spirit.

In terms of connecting with friends, I enjoy having a rich social life. I like going out on weekends with good friends, and one of the main reasons I enjoy going to work is getting to see and talk to my coworkers. Also, I hope to establish a strong connection with a girlfriend in the future. I have always valued long-term relationships and the meaning behind them, as opposed to brief and non-meaningful relationships.




I am a big believer that we were put on this earth to give, and that we have a life purpose. I think that we need to discover what our life purpose is and learn to embody it. Then we will be in a good position to give back to the world in some way.

This blog and the other content that is produced by Fearless Progression is my way of giving back to you guys. It is very fulfilling to be able to share my story and help you out with the problems that I used to face and still face. Kristen Butler, the founder of The Power of Positivity says:

“Be a reflection of what you’d like to receive. If you want to love, give love. If you want truth, be truthful. If you want respect, give respect. What you give out will always return.”

Even while I still face struggles in my life, I still believe in the value of contribution, as what you give comes back to you. I hope that I can use my story to inspire you and help you change your own lives using the lessons I have learned.

It is always beneficial to be gracious and donate to people that you feel need help. You can go and build schools, donate to different charities. Whatever really aligns with what YOU feel is important and who should be helped.




Starting my own brand, Fearless Progression was something that allowed me to be creative. I really enjoy speaking, which I do in my YouTube videos. I like projecting my creativity through my voice. Also, I have enjoyed creative writing throughout the years. I have been fairly good at telling stories, even during school while growing up. In addition, I have even expressed my creativity by drawing things. I am actually a pretty horrible artist, but I have always enjoyed drawing for some reason. I used to have a book on how to draw cartoon characters so I did that. Also, I used to sketch baseball stadiums. 


personal values


In addition, my parents always told me how creative I was, and I always believed that as well. I have always found it more fun to think outside the box. If I am doing tedious and logical activities, or if I am trying to follow a pre-decided procedure, I think that is boring and doesn’t allow me to be who I really am.




Happiness is a tricky subject. I still believe that you can create happiness at any given moment. However, I think it ties into connection as well. I think that happiness can depend somewhat on who you have in your life and the bond that your spirit shares with other people. Having strong connections with other people can really make you feel happy. That is why you feel that state of aliveness when you are in a long-term relationship, or after you have had a meaningful conversation with a close friend. 

Furthermore, in order to sustain an enjoyable life, I think it is important to do different things daily to invite more happiness into your life. This includes meditating, exercising, and doing things to reduce the depressive states that you can get into. It also includes striving to create a better life for yourself, as tackling goals can make you feel alive. Always know that you are enough as you are, but desire something even better for yourself out of self-love. Self-improvement, while not a necessity, is a gift you can give yourself when you believe that you have an amazing potential in your life that you have yet to tap into. 




Finally, I have always been someone who wants, to be honest in all possible situations. However, if I said I was perfect with this, I would not be showing integrity. Traditionally, I have been the type of person who is not afraid to back out of things that don’t align with who I am. I love doing things that showcase who I really am and how I was raised. I was raised to be a very caring and genuine individual, and that is something I am proud of and I thank my parents for teaching me. 

When I enter into a relationship, integrity will also be very important to me. There are reasons out there why people cheat in relationships, but that is something I would strive to avoid. 




Please share YOUR TOP 5 CORE VALUES in the COMMENTS SECTION below. The values I listed are in no particular order, and yours don’t have to be either. I will engage with you guys and let you know what I think. 

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